Friday, August 31, 2012

Aethellis: Fall 2012

After the Padonia Park gig on September 1st, the band will be on hiatus through October. Keyboardist Ellsworth Hall will be in California in September working on a new version of his Piano Concerto for a Christmas release (see and bassist Erik Marks will be on a tour which includes Kenya, Africa in October. The planned concert promoting the new album has been rescheduled for early Spring 2013 but interim gigs are in the works for November 2012 through February as warm-ups for the big concert which will be extensively videotaped for a DVD release. Intensive rehearsals are also planned for this period.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Northumbria" to be featured in soundtrack of new film

Sections of the title track "Northumbria" will be featured in the soundtrack to the new H&H/Flyboy Films Production of "Lamp of Conscience." The production began lensing in Sharpsburg, GA (near where the TV series The Walked Dead is filmed) on July 26th and is directed by Edward Hopf and produced by Joseph M. Dwyer. As a cross promotion, the new Aethellis video of the track "Northumbria" (currently in production) will feature key shots from "Lamp of Conscience."