Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Working on the next Aethellis album

My pal and guitarist/vocalist Mark Van Natta was over at my studio last night laying down guitar tracks on a new tune. The song should run about 9 1/2 minutes and have some interesting time signature variations. I put quite a bit of guitar down myself but wanted Markie to add his style. His lead part took my original idea and sent it soaring.

This song will also feature Mark on vocals as well as our new female singer, Cherylandra. It should be dando-spiffo-keen with a bit of female vocal flavor. I've been enjoying music by such bands as Kaipa and Dream Aria that feature female singers and really wanted to add that texture to the Aethellis mix. They have a power and range that gives me prog-bumps.

Two tracks slated for the album were sent to Jose Luis Martinez, producer of the progressive rock journal Descubre La Caja de Pandora for a compilation CD which will be included as a bonus gift with the sixth issue. One of these, "The Penal Colony" was originally composed by Mark and myself back in 1988. A revised version of it appeared recently in the sci-fi epic Shubian's Rift under the end credits (I did the soundtrack for the rest of the movie). I revised it yet again for its Aethellis incarnation based on some suggestions from Mark.

Since I have some TV pilot soundtrack work to focus on, plus the continuing shooting of the drama Beside the Manor Selby (featuring cult actor Conrad Brooks), we're doing the new album tracks a bit at a time and hope to have it completed sometime next year.