Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recording "Sounds Good"

"Sounds Good" is the last track on the new Aethellis album and last Thursday I recorded Erik's bass part for the song (he is co-author of the tune as well). Last night we recorded Mike Harrington on drums at Mark Van Natta's studio. Mike has a funny Keith Jarrett-like way of humming the music while he plays! So we did 3 takes and he minimized the humming by the end of the session. He may do that live but we'd never notice!

Chris Marks is scheduled to put his guitar parts down in the next week or so for "Sounds Good." His parts will nicely compliment Mark Van Natta's guitar bits as they do totally different things in the tune.

Dyan Brown has had to postpone recording her vocals for a while so I'm focusing on polishing up my vocals on a few of the other tracks and getting some mixing underway. I'm determined to have this all wrapped up by year's end and the plan is for a concert in early 2011 to debut the new material live. So stay tuned for upcoming Aethellishows! It's shaping up to be a busy year!