Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Saint Augustus" video coming soon

I'm heading to Montreal next week to shoot some footage for Beside The Manor Selby (see previous blog entry) but have been shooting and editing for the new music video of "Saint Augustus." The music in the video will differ from the album by having a slightly extended intro with those now infamous polytriads but this time on pipe organ. I expect to have the video completed (along with Selby) by late October.

I also hope to have ready a video of the live version of "Djibouti" soon which was just taped at a recent gig. This version is quite different from the album in that guitarist Mark Van Natta takes an extended lead at the end which goes quite a bit "outside" as they say! Spiffo keen!

In addition I've recorded a new song for both the Selby soundtrack and (with a different arrangement) the next Aethellis album entitled "In Grief Unbound" featuring the amazing Dyan Brown on vocals.

More soon!