Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Hiatus Is Over

The week of November 17th Aethellis was the featured Band of the Week on Eatmusic/Honey for Your Ears UK and USA Internet radio. The tracks from the Northumbria album played included:

Monday 18th - The Awakening/Sounds Good/ Northumbria (
10pm - Midnight UK Time

Wednesday 20th - Northumbria/The Peace Path/Without A Sound (
4pm - 8pm EST USA

Thursday 21st - Exchequer Prague/ Celui Qui Soit La Bosse/Northumbria (
7pm - 9pm UK Time

Keyboardist/vocalist Ellsworth Hall has been busy finalizing the master audio and artwork of his new solo classical CD, Conversations with George Edgar Selby. The disc, to be released on the Melodic Revolution Records label in early 2014, includes his Piano Concert No. 1 and the music soundtrack to the film Beside the Manor Selby which Ellsworth wrote, directed and scored.

On December 14th, 2013 the members met for dinner, discussing gig plans for 2014 and a jam! Sax maestro Joe Dwyer brought charts of the jazz tune "Kurtezoid Hotel" which the band promptly tore into. Bassist Erik Marks sang his rendition of "Danny Boy" (yeah, prog baby!) and fun was had by all. But getting down to brass tacks the group discussed gig potentials for 2014 which include many festivals in the Delmarva/mid-Atlantic region. Check the Gig page on the Aethellis website for updates.

Left to right: Ellsworth Hall, Joe Dwyer, Mike Harrington, Erik Marks and Mark Van Natta.