Sunday, October 11, 2009


The next Aethellis album will be called Northumbria, named after the title track. "Northumbria" will kick off the album with a cacophany of dissonance with moments of modal solemnity.

Other tracks include "The Penal Colony" (written with guitarist Mark Van Natta), "Exchequer Prague," "Sounds Good" (written with bassist Erik Marks) and "The Peace Path Suite."

"In Grief Unbound" will feature the vocals of Dyan Brown. This track with a more conventional orchestral arrangment will also appear in the feature Beside The Manor Selby.

The album cover was designed by my wife, Cheryl.

I've just completed writing the rest of the music for Selby and expect the whole production to be completed by the end of October (see below in an early post for link to the trailer). Once that is done, I will begin the process of fine-tuning the recorded tracks for Northumbria and hopefully be mastering the new album by early 2010. Thanks to everyone for their interest and patience!