Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beside The Manor Selby, Bait and Switch TV

Well it's been over a year since I updated this blog. Gadzooks, tempus fugit! Anyway, some folks have been asking when the next Aethellis album will be out. And I've been updating its progress somewhat on this blog and giving excuses! Like my soundtrack work has been keeping me busy. Meh!

Anyway... the album IS progressing. Actually about all the tracks have been recorded in some fashion. Most basic tracks are laid down and in some cases the tunes are ready for mixing. I may in a fit of inspiration come up with a new bit here and there, but basically the basics are basically there. Basically.

I'd been working on music and sound effects for the Bait and Switch TV pilot when I wrote the last blog. You can check out video clips from it at It's a very witty satire on the food and drug industry produced by Stanion Studios. Check it out.

Since then I've been doing video orientations for various mental health organizations. But I've also been putting the finishing touches on my epic, Beside The Manor Selby. I wrote and directed it and am in the process of scoring it. It will be premiering most likely in the Atlanta/Sharpsburg/Newnan GA area as a broadcast. Then on to DVD and online viewing.

It stars cult actor Conrad Brooks (of Ed Wood fame) and features George Stover (of John Waters fame) and takes place during The Great War. I should be finished by September at which point I'll be focusing on the soundtrack album (mostly classical/romantic style music). By Christmas I'll be hard at work finishing up the next Aethellis album! It's been slow in coming but I don't want to rush it or half-a** it, you know? As I said before, I have been working on it whenever I had some time set aside. At least I'm faster than Peter Gabriel! (Just kidding, Pete!)

Enjoy the trailer. For more details on the plot and such, visit and click on the links to Selby. There will be a dedicated website shortly before the release.